Thursday, 13 December 2012

Blog News: 1000 views!!

Well I've been going for a little while now, and whilst the posts have dried up a little recently (unfortunately academic commitments have got in the way), I've been continuing to update my list of chemistry help sites, and I've made a start on several posts, they just not quite been finished off.

Still, I've had a steady stream of views, and have now hit my first landmark, 1000 views! For the future, I'm hoping to find more time to write on here, and I've got a few topics in mind. I'm planning a series of posts defending molecules that get bad press (If you've got any suggestions of molecules to include; please leave a comment!), and I'll continue to cover the chemistry that makes the mainstream news, and anything else I happen to find interesting.

I've mentioned expansion before, and whilst the person I had lined up to cover biomedicine may no longer be interested, I'm still looking to get a couple of other on board, so we'll see on that front. If anyone wants to put themselves forward, please let me know.

Here's hoping I reach 2000 views as quickly!

1 comment:

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